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products OR1™

With the integrated operating room OR1™, KARL STORZ in the late 1990s developed a solution to this problem that has defined the state of the art ever since. Efficient and…

products Ziehm Vision RFD

The ultimate C-arm to outperform.

products EPICAL™

Osseopromotive surface – with no risk of flaking.

products DERMABOND® Skin Adhesives Portfolio

Each product in the DERMABOND Portfolio provides strong, protective, and efficient closure. All products in the DERMABOND Portfolio are supported by more clinical evidence, outcomes data, and publications than any…

products STRATAFIX™ Knotless Tissue Control Devices

The most versatile portfolio to meet your wound closure needs in minimally invasive procedures.

products TissueSeal PLUS

TissueSeal PLUS is an autoclavable BOWA LIGATIONS instrument and closes large-lumen veins, arteries and tissue bundles with up to 7 mm diameter quickly, safely and permanently. The sealing safety of…

products LIGATOR, handle, shaft tube

BOWA LIGATION enables the permanent closure of vessels and tissue bundles with reusable instruments.

products HARMONIC ACE®+ Shears with Adaptive Tissue Technology

HARMONIC ACE®+ Shears can be used for coagulation and transection of vessels up to 5mm and handle multiple surgical jobs with precision including dissection, sealing, transection, and otomy creation. The…


The mobile all-in-one solution TELE PACK X GI provides clear patient information for procto- and/or rectoscopic examinations. The flexible TROIDL resectoscope as well as the rigid systems PROCTOVISION® and RECTOVISION®…

products MIRETO™ Endo-Modell® Instrument Set

The new MIRETO™ Instrument Set allows users to perform implantation of the Endo-Model® knee prosthesis system in a safe, bone-conserving, reproducible and precise manner.

products ACUFEX

Built on a reputation for optimal maneuverability, sharpness, precision and strength, Smith & Nephew ACUFEX* Handheld Instruments offers a full line of punches, scissors, graspers and knives.

products ACTICOAT

Your choice of post-operative dressing may significantly impact your re-admission rates and related healthcare costs.


The DYONICS POWER II Control System takes powered resection to a new level. It combines the most aggressive arthroscopic soft tissue resection mode and powerful torque for efficient bone resection…

products Forté Ureteral Access Sheaths

Forté ureteral access sheaths provide a continuous working channel, simplifying ureteroscopic procedures and protecting the ureter during multiple instrument exchanges. In addition to facilitating the navigation of tortuous anatomy, Forté…

products Simsei Laparoscopic Trainer

Packaged as a portable and fully integrated system including a camera, monitor and laparoscopic platform, the Simsei laparoscopic trainer helps to elevate skill development for both the novice and the…

products Habib® 4X Laparoscopic Bipolar Resection Device

The Habib 4X bipolar resection device is designed to reduce blood loss, shorten OR time and shorten ICU and overall hospital stays, as well as offer the ability to perform…

products Habib® 4X Bipolar Resection Device

The Habib 4X bipolar resection device is designed to reduce blood loss, shorten OR time and shorten ICU and overall hospital stays, as well as offer the ability to perform…

products Model 1500X RF Generator

Now with smart card technology that facilitates upgrades without additional capital investments, the Model 1500X radiofrequency (RF) generator ensures predictable, controllable ablations, time after time.

products Nellcor™ Portable SpO₂ Patient Monitoring System, PM10N

Convenient, handheld pulse oximeter that is ideal for spot-checks or continuous monitoring in various healthcare and home use settings.

products Ziehm Vision RFD 3D

The revolution in 3D imaging.

products MARCHAL ALL-IN-ONE Sialendoscopes

Special Features: Semiflexible miniature endoscopes for exploring the salivary ducts and removing salivary stones cm-marking at the distal working end for reading the penetration depth as well as modified eyepiece…

products EndoCAMeleon® with Variable Direction of View

ENDOCAMELEON® ARTHRO is a multidirectional arthroscope that combines the existing HOPKINS® technology with a variable direction of view. This guarantees optimal image quality with ideal visualization. The desired direction of…

products LOTTA® System for Intracranial Neurosurgery

The LOTTA® system has been designed to perform the full range of endoscopic intracranial interventions in adults and children. The cornerstone of the system is based on the two ventriculoscopes…


Comprehensive motor system for neuro- and Spine surgery.

products iDrive™ Ultra Powered Stapling System

The reusable iDrive™ ultra powered stapling system offers one-handed, push-button operation.

products Aesculap® EinsteinVision®

With its EinsteinVision® 3D system, Aesculap offers an innovative solution for Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery. The native Full HD resolution provides razor-sharp images. The optical components deliver impressive 3D depth…

products SUSI® Single Use Surgical Instruments and Procedure Sets

In developing SUSI® Single Use Surgical Instruments and Sets we have focused in particular on the requirements on the ward and outpatient departments. In these areas it is essential to…

products HysteroFlow / HysteroBalance II

Hysteroscopic fluid management system


Olympus aims to provide innovative energy solutions delivering surgical safety and instrument versatility for efficient and streamlined operations with optimal patient outcomes. THUNDERBEAT is the world’s first and only advanced…

products TrocaTec

The reusable version of PAJUNK® Trocar Systems for minimal invasive surgery

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